Adventures in Wire

As we prepare for making our wire characters, students are given some time to experiments with how the wire feels in their hands and how to manipulate it with pliers.  They are then given a series of tasks to accomplish with wire – bend a U-shape, cross it over and twist to make Calder-like hands and feet.  Make a spiral by twisting the wire around the tip of the needle nose pliers.  We decided to do this with several different gauges of wire so that they could understand that not all wire feels or handles the same, depending on it’s properties.

Students will now begin making their wire sculptures with only wire and cork.  We developed a checklist to help them (and us) monitor their progress through the steps before our circus performance.

Ms. Engineer and I decided that this year the students will record the acting out of their scene and will perform their musical compositions live instead of the opposite which we tried last year.  Students also made wooden prototypes of their characters before using wire this year in hopes of helping them solidify their scene in their mind and be able to compose for the mood.

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