Sketching Like Sandy – Part/Whole

To focus student thinking more closely now on Sandy Calder, instead of just the larger circus experience, we read the first half of the book Sandy’s Circus by Tanya Lee Stone and illustrated by Boris Kulikov.  This introduces the children to Sandy’s childhood experiences with wire and art.  We stop at the page where he is at the circus creating drawings for a newspaper and he does a pencil sketch of part of the scene he is observing.  This is a particularly good opportunity to introduce perspective in art as we can see Sandy’s hands at the corners of the images.

Given the same circus images that were used for unpacking student thinking at the beginning of this unit, students then use a small square of vellum to complete a similar sketch of part of a circus image.

From here students will complete single-line drawings of the character they choose to create before they build it out of wire.

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