Music – Form and Ostinato

During second grade music classes, students have taken their experiences from science, with the gallery walk and thinking routines about what they know about the circus, and translated the things they saw into small pieces of music.  Students built circus performer sculptures out of instruments and then used them to create short pieces of music that contained ostinatos (rhythms that repeat) and simple form AB or ABA (structure in music).  They were challenged to keep beat and tempo while having fun practicing performing for each other.

Using art from Henri de Toulouse -Lautrec, Renoir, Picasso, etc., students have been studying how to create mood for a circus act.  This will inform their original music they will create for their own circus acts later.

Duarte and Iris – Trapeze Music, ABA – the music of two people swinging from one side to the other – egg shakers representing the people and the drums representing the high platform. (Please excuse the camera work!  It was too good for me not share with you!)

Henry and Nico (EkNaam) – Lion and the Lion Tamer Music – ABA – Lion is represented by the cymbal and the tamer is represented by the drums.

MacKenzie and Luanna – Two Circus Horses Music – ABA – large drums and contrabars representing the horses.

Karla – Dog Tightrope Walker Music – ABA – Playing the xylophone was the dog running across the tightrope – the drum represented a hoop of fire.


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